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Your tires will pass inspection

Invest in your tires by purchasing a new or used set of Jacks -N- Tires for your vehicle. Your tires are the only thing between you and the road, and allow you to better handle your vehicle in all types of weather.


Not only that, you can get much better mileage with quality tires. Get a new set at an affordable price and then come see us to keep them properly maintained so they last as long as possible.

Stop in anytime for tire service

You can get all types of service here for your tires. Have nails removed, get your tires rotated, balanced, patched and inspected for tread wear. You'll be driving with confidence knowing you've invested in your tire safety.


Not only can you get tire services and new, quality tires from Jackson, but you can have many vehicle repairs performed. Easily keep your vehicle in top shape with expert maintenance so there is less chance of it breaking down unexpectedly.

Your tires play an important role in safety

Invest in Jacks -N- Tires and tire services today